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    Request for Landlord Reference






    We have received an application from a prospective tenant who listed you as a reference.

    Tenant Name:

    Address Listed:

    To help us verify this tenant's application, would you please provide the following information/Blanks or no response will probably result in our declining this tenant's application on the basis of incompleteness.Any information provided will be held in the strictest confidence and subject to our written information security plan. The tenant has signed to authorize this disclosure.

    Check here if you do not recognize this tenant; skip all further questions

    What were the tenant' dates of residency at the above address?



    Approximately what was the tenant's rent?


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    Did the tenant ever give you or other tenants heartburn?

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    if yes please Explain

    Did you ever notify the tenant that they were late on rent?

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    Did you ever give the tenant an aviction noice?

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    Did you withhold from the tenant's security deposit (if any)?

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    Did the tenant move out suddenly or without notice?

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    Did the tenant leave owing any money?

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    Would you rent to this tenant again?

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    Please scan and return this from promptly to the email address listed above. Thank you!